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We Are Experienced Manufacturer

Located in Hebei Province with large harbor of China, near Beijing Airport and Tianjin Seaport, RETON is the manufacturer and supplier for your hands as working.

Offering the stainless steel gloves, apron and stainless steel ring mesh products, we totally understand the specific needs of our clients: Fast, Efficient and Reliable

Our company was founded in the year 2008 as a manufacturing of metal ring mesh, but as of 2013, we focus on the stainless steel ring mesh, and improve the products: stainless steel gloves for the world markets. Over the past 6 years, our team has gained extensive knowledge of products and market, for example, how to use, how to clean, and how to maintain.

We are manufacturers and exporters for stainless steel ring mesh gloves and apron. Our aim is to provide efficient supply solutions and protection in the different working and demanding environments, for example in meat and poultry processing, oyster shucking, garment manufacturing, clothing cutting, etc. We operate in and work towards delivering the best products at best prices and timely delivery.

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  • +86-18632192156
  • +8618632192156
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