RETON Ring Mesh Co., Ltd.A Professional, Reliable And Experienced Metal Products Manufacturer


RETON Ring Mesh Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang City of China. It is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel ring mesh products was founded in 2008. All of our products have passed the European CE certification, American FDA certification, and get SGS testing report. Until now, our products have been selling to over 150 countries and gain the full recognition of customers around the world.

Our company main products are stainless steel ring mesh glove and chain mail apron. Most popular product for our customers is the glove. Each glove is made of several thousands of independently welded steel rings. Using advanced imported machinery and equipment, each product’s quality can up to the standard. About the design, all our products are designed by specialized designers from USA. Our products provide reliable protection of the hand and body, meanwhile, ensuring high standards of wearing comfort, flexibility and durability.

Our products apply to a wide variety of industries and working environments, including abattoirs, food processing industry as well as fish and oyster industry.

Our company have employed a complete products manufacturing managing system and standardized operational procedures, as well as a substantial marketing network and a complete after-sale customer service system. We provide our customers high quality products with the best prices, and all services are specifically designed according to client requirements.

Our advantage: Independent development technology advantages, imported machinery and equipment advantages, high-tech talent advantage.

We manufacture protective gloves and clothes made of stainless steel ring mesh, using advanced imported machinery and equipment. Each glove is made of several thousands of independently welded steel rings. Ring Mesh is a very fine chainmail which is made up of welded stainless steel rings and is designed to be the epitome of elegance and luxury. All our products are designed by specialized designers from Europe and USA.

Factory advantage: geographical advantage, production advantage

RETON Ring Mesh Co., Ltd is located in ShiJiaZhuang City of China, near Beijing Airport and Tianjin Seaport, which is very convenient to transport the goods by Air and by Sea. Our own factory produces the ring mesh, and chainmail gloves and aprons. We can guarantee the quality from the beginning of production, for example, to choose the good-quality raw material of stainless steel and to check the quality in the process of whole production.

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